Introducing GallopNYC's Volunteer Continuing Education Program

Upcoming Opportunities:

Horse 201: Lead Walking

Learn how to lead horses confidently. Horses like to have a confident leader that they can walk beside and trust. They are herd animals looking for someone to be in charge. This workshop will help you build the skills to be a trusted leader to a horse.

  • Tuesday 03/24/2020 3-5PM, GallopNYC Lindenwood (Sunrise Stables) 

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Horse 202: Safety, Tacking & Grooming

Learn safety practices to employ while you're around horses, how to saddle and unsaddle a horse and how to groom a horse. Build essential skills to help prepare for lessons. 

  • Sunday 03/29/2020 5-7PM, GallopNYC Forest Hills 

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