• Therapeutic Riding Lessons

    In Therapeutic Riding lessons, under the direction of a PATH Int’l -certified riding instructor, GallopNYC clients learn to sit their horses properly, use their reins to command the horse, and ride at a walk and trot. The horse is led by a trained volunteer and two trained volunteers walk along side.


  • Hippotherapy

    In Hippotherapy, a licensed physical therapist works with each child while the child is riding. The therapist is trained in using a horse as a physical therapy tool. The therapists work independently with GallopNYC’s assistance.


  • Equine Assisted Therapy

    Provides an opportunity for mental health professionals and counselors to work with GalllopNYC to offer animal therapy to their clients.


  • Transition Job Skills

    GallopNYC has developed an innovative program to help young people transition to work, by developing specific job skills needed for gainful employment. Developed with funding from Autism Speaks, this program is suitable for any group of riders who want help fitting into the world of work.


  • Corporate Training and Leadership

    The capable handling of horses requires responsibility, leadership, and trust. In partnership with Lisa Mashburn of Areion LLC Consulting, GallopNYC’s Leadership Program helps develop these skills in team-building work with horses. Through the exploration of non-verbal communication with horses, GallopNYC’s Leadership Program will helps executive and their and teams to better understand team dynamics.


  • Veterans

    GallopNYC provides Horsemanship Leadership programs to Veterans free of charge. All classes are lead by a PATH Int’l Certified instructor. Every rider will experience the Confidence of learning to be in charge of a large herd animal, the Competence of skills learned, and the Leadership that a horse demands before it agree to accept our commands.


  • Silver Saddles

    Offers riding sessions designed for older individuals seeking to improve flexibility, balance and strength, and to have fun. For information contact us at info@GallopNYC.org.